Hi there!

I am a Software Developer who has had the chance to work on large projects from the technically-complex backend to the dynamic of the UI.

I have experience developing enterprise web-based applications, PWA apps, and automatization apps; combining nice JavaScript code (SPA like React.js / Angular) with strong backend technologies like dotnet/python, as well as using frameworks such as Dotnet Core and Python Flask. I always try to create nice products with clean, scalable, and maintainable architecture.

Additionally, I have work experience implementing continuous delivery and/or continuous deployment integrations deployed in different cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and DigitalOcean. I have to admit, I love work with docker powered with containers orchestration like Docker Swarm and k8s.

Linux and DevOps padawan. Geek and Self-learner.

Passionate about technology and always learning new technologies. I also participate in software development communities and enjoy teaching others with my blog.

Hey! Check my cv triangle with all three sides equal