Hi there!

I am a Software Developer who has had the chance to work on big projects, from technically complex backend to the beauty of the UI.

I have experience developing enterprise web-based applications, combining clean JavaScript code (With SPAs using Angular and React.js ) with C# using the dotnet core framework. My goal is to help companies reach their goals by building the best possible product with scalability and sustainable architecture in mind.

In addition, I have work experience designing architecture solutions for the cloud using Azure DevOps services with an entry-level of CI/CD pipelines. I have to admit, I fell in love with Docker in conjunction with Kubernetes.

Linux and DevOps padawan. Geek and Self-learner.

Passionate about technology and always learning from the state of the art. I also participate in software development communities and mentor other developers and share my experiences in my blog.

Hey! Check my cv triangle with all three sides equal