My journey working with wood

Hi There, and this is my journey where I end up with a hobby of woodworker. After I finished my software engineering career, and after 10 years making software I was looking for an activity that would allow me to disconnect from the computer and well, after reviewing several alternatives, I took advantage of the fact of living in a house

So, I found the following course Diseño y construcción de muebles para principiantes by Patricio Ortega and I started this journey.

Building things with wood had always caught my attention, and my main motivation was to build things for my little daughter. So I made a basic investment and took advantage of the fact of living in a house.

I will try to encapsulate in this post the projects in which I have worked and the things I learned.

My daughter’s room

Toy organizer

One of my first needs was trying to store the toys of my daughter, so, following patterns from montessori this organizer was made.

This project was build Dic 2020.

Organizer shelf

For this project, I wanted to hang it on the wall with something invisible so I used the following technique

And a second one to store the dog’s stuff.

This project was build Dic 2020.

Librero Arbolístico clone

Inspired in the Librero Arbolístico from Maderistica product, I decided to make a clone of the original project.

Using the tecnique of Encastres or Wooden Frames, Without any screw, I made a clone of the original project.

This project was build Dic 2020.

The learning tower

Inspired by the montessori methodology, I built a learning tower that allows my daughter to stand higher, so she can safely reach a kitchen counter, sink, or climb to see a dinner table.

The kitchen

For my daughter, I wanted to build a small kitchen that she can use to cook her food.

So, I started with the following ideas:

The building process:

I learn how to create a clean finished:

Summary: sand, paint, sand, paint, sand and paint

This is the final result.

My first job - Small computer desk

A relative told me that he had a problem with a very large desk and needed something smaller, so we designed it and I built it.

Build Process

The final result

My own bed

I build a 2x2 mts bed with a wooden frame.

First, get the wood:


Some pictures about the design process and the final result